We are on a mission to provide a year round venue for children to learn, with a sense of wonder and adventure, the importance of sustainable forestry.

Feronia Forward has impacted 2,000 children and counting, since 2014. And we are just beginning! 


What we do

Feronia Forward works with the next generation to develop a love, appreciation, and understanding of our forests. We feel that we have a responsibility to teach children to value forestland so we can ensure that there will always be a generation of people working to protect our natural resources.

Feronia Forward is a 501(c)3 non-profit that works with a wide range of schools to invite students to step away from the computer screen and into the natural wonderland that we have conserved.

Feronia Forward is an emanation of Feronia Forests LLC, a for profit company dedicated to creating smart, new ways to save our trees.  Working with ecosystem specialists, feronia forests spent years creating new, versatile forms of conservation that sustainably put trees to work to prevent them from being cut down. The result is a family of SUSTAINABLE forest-forward products that keep our trees healthy and standing.

Our vision is a world where future generations are connected with nature and are responsible stewards of our forests.