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"For the latest crop of businesses profiled in our monthly Park 360, making a dollar isn’t enough. Each has also made it a priority to give back to its community, focus on underserved groups, and take care of the environment..." READ MORE. 

Yesterday, Feronia Forests LLC was recognized for creating the most positive overall environmental impact by the nonprofit B Lab with the release of the fourth annual "B Corp Best for the Environment" list. The B Corp Best for the Environment list honors businesses that earned an environmental score in the top 10% of more than 1,200 Certified B Corporations from over 120 industries on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community, and the environment. Honorees were recognized among micro, small and mid-sized businesses around the globe.  The B Corp Best for the Environment list sets the gold standard for high impact companies and demonstrates that any type of company can use business as a force for good. It is part of the 'Best for the World' series.....READ MORE.

How to fund a forest? - Adventure Park Insider

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Recreation, location, education and product. It’s these four building blocks that Massachusetts-based Feronia Forests relies on to propagate its Sustainable Full Forestry mission, which strives to make the greenest—and most lucrative—use of its 1,700-acre forest without cutting down a single tree.

The group behind Feronia Forests has, along with environmental specialists, developed a business model focused on sustainable managed forestry, which “puts trees to work” for both profit and education. Through its non-profit arm, Feronia Forward, Feronia Forests combines property-based ventures, including maple syrup products and an adventure park, with an educational program that educates folks, especially kids, about the importance of nature and environmental stewardship....Read More.

We Tried It:  Ramblewild -

It’s quite possibly the most fun you’ll have...

Paolo Cugnasca and his daughter Valentina are on a mission. Not to make money—although that is always welcome—or to get people outdoors, which, that too, is an added perk. But the main mission of the family’s forest-fueled business is one thing: to keep trees vertical....READ MORE.